dongliang zhang

dongliang zhang

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First Name * dongliang
Last Name * zhang
Username * lnny
Country * China
City Shanghai
Nationality china
Languages Chinese


Preferred Tools 2D artworks or CA




hello Painting is really an ancient thing for me, the time saw me the whole process of my growth. In the memory, I sit on a small seat, with my eyes staring at the happy fish on the botany. As they swim in the aquarium smartly and nicely , my pencile also run on my special notebook. Gradually, I feel my heart belong to the harmony picture.

I really appreciated for my parents, It was they who sent me to the professional mentors and always encouraged me. After several years of study, that feeling became my crucial part of life. As my experience went on , I began to get in touch with using the computer to realize my ideas. This media gave me colorful and sufficient impressions.

In this virtual world, I also feel all the modes of the real life. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, however, it is my favorite. In my mind, I appreciate the art pictures so much as to forgetting myself. Besides the sighing and enjoying, I prefer to be part of the wonderful scene. So I determined to improve my ability and skills to go straight ahead when facing the dangerous situations. The paradise will direct me to study and make progress.

Although there are so many daily things to be dealed with, the details refined from the life will lead me to next peace harbor after my feelings calm down. And I know, deep in my heart, purchasing the dream will continue forever.

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